WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

The weekend is a beautiful thing. It can be full of surprises or extremely uneventful. For most college students it is a time for catching up on sleep, or going on random adventures. One second you could be out shopping with friends, and the next minute you’re on a road trip to Vegas. During these fickle days it is important to dress for any occasion; you need an outfit that is comfortable and cute, because who knows where or who you might end up with.

This Fashionista is sporting the perfect combination of casual and cute. She is wearing a green cardigan, white T-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. Her outfit is perfect for any spur of the moment plans. Cardigans and jeans are the safest choice for weekend plans because you can do anything in them like homework, lunch or shopping. My other favorite variation of the weekend look is swapping the jeans for think leggings, and adding a scarf. That way you can go from the football game to a movie with friends without having to change.

This Fashionista decided to go with earth tones, but this winter maroon seems to be color of choice. Try something new and buy a maroon sweater or pair of pants. It will be a great way to look trendy without having to try. Also you just might catch the attention of your campus crush by trying something new.

One Simple Change: By adding a beanie, scarf and peacoat this outfit is great to cuddle up in for winter weather.


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