WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

After a long and probably treacherous week of studying, showing up for early classes and getting hand cramps from short essay questions, when the weekend finally rolls around most of us want to do nothing more than spend the weekend lounging around in our pajamas and cooking nothing more difficult than Ramen. Sadly not everyone has the luxury of being able to spend their weekend cooped up at home, and instead must use those two days to run errands they couldn’t during the week.

A good way to maintain weekend comfort while still looking pulled together is through layering. This week’s Fashionista used cotton-based items such as her tank top, leggings and knee-length skirt to create a cohesive look; however, a pale, satin full skirt by Rochas would add an elegant element of surprise. Paired with her all-black outfit were Western, vintage-styled ankle boots making for a much more leisurely stroll than any 5-inch heel could ever do. Black boots are extremely popular right now and it’s no surprise why. They can go with almost any outfit and they’re comfortable—what more could a girl ask for? Some great ones on the market right now are Alexander Wang’s Anouck Chelsea boot, moto boots such as these by Steve Madden or a classic pair of Doc Martens.

To top off this Fashionista’s outfit she adorned her head with a knitted black beanie, perfect for lazy hair days that seem to dominate during the weekends, and layered a denim vest on top of her all-black, cotton ensemble. By adding the denim vest she managed to disguise her goal of comfort into a grunge-driven fashion statement.

One Quick Change: By switching out the black leggings for a printed tight, such as a classic polka dot print or something wild like these punctuation pantyhose you can make this outfit turn from weekend wear into girls night out in an instant.


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