WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

What to Wear

With the arrival of each weekend comes a huge sigh of relief. A couple days to relax and breathe are upon you and there is plenty of fun to be had. Some weekends bring a few more adventures than others, and your wardrobe should always be ready for a spontaneous getaway to a metropolitan city, a picturesque town or wherever else life may take you. This Fashionista proves that a few key pieces will have you ready for any weekend getaway you could imagine.

This Fashionista chose basic classics that are stylish, but also act as a palette for whatever situation you might find yourself in. With a classic T-shirt in a bright color, you have a comfortable basic that is perfect to build on. Take that favorite T-shirt out of your drawer and put it to good use! It’s a favorite for a reason, from its silhouette to its color and that makes it ideal for a weekend where anything is possible. Next pick out your favorite black skirt. I love A-line styles, but if you prefer an airy maxi or a structured pencil skirt, bring it along. Choosing your favorite styles will leave you comfortable and at ease so that your mind is on the amazing weekend you’re having and not fixating on how uncomfortable you feel in your outfit.

With the perfect basics, now you get to have some fun. A sassy black jacket like this Fashionista’s from H&M keeps you ready for any chill in the air with plenty of personality. Keep your shoes cohesive with the rest of your outfit by sticking to black, but choose a pair of strappy flat sandals that won’t burden you with any blisters. Wayfarer sunglasses add a masculine edge to an otherwise girly outfit and are the perfect contrast to add a bit of tomboy juxtaposition. Some unique jewelry is the best way to add little bits of your personality to your outfit. This Fashionista does so with a fox bracelet that reminds her of our school’s mascot, the Red Foxes. She also layers on some perfectly on-trend rings in different shapes and finishes. Between the perfect outfit and unique accessories, you’ll have no trouble fitting in wherever your weekend getaway takes you!

One Simple Change: With finals week here, transition this outfit to a more relaxed alternative by switching out the skirt for a pair of broken-in and distressed boyfriend jeans. Their looser fit will have you totally at ease for whatever test is coming your way and you won’t even break a sweat getting a perfect score.


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