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What to Wear

Being a Fashionista or Fashionisto is more than what meets the eye. It is much more than just a passion for fashion. Don’t get me wrong, the foundation lies in the love for the art but having a certain innate awareness for fashion, instinctively noticing the details in a design, appreciating the differences in styles and being able to combine several great pieces into one amazing look, is necessary. Sometimes that means creating a great look that works for a particular situation. With spring break well on its way, Fashiontas/os everywhere are preparing to travel, and before they leave, they are deciding what to wear on their journey. This Fashionista used her fashion intuition to put together an outfit perfect for traveling, and it’s easy to see why she is an aspiring stylist.

Getting on planes, hopping in cars and boarding ships, they’re heading to fun destinations all over the world, and upon arrival and throughout the week of madness, the most impressive Fashionistas/os will continuously turn heads with spot on ensembles. But before they even leave, like this Fashionista, most probably used their expert knowledge of layering to choose and outfit to make their trip fashionable yet practical. Her lightweight jacket is versatile and will come in handy. There’s nothing worse than shivering for an entire plane ride of for a long car ride when the driver, in an effort to stay awake, has the air-conditioning on full blast.

With spring break travel comes a lot of walking, waiting in lines, running to meet friends and dancing with excitement. My point is, we know it’s not always about heels, and we should be prepared with a comfortable but stylish pair of shoes on spring break. This Fashionista snagged a pair of slip-ons in a periwinkle and chartreuse floral pattern from Peter Pilotto’s line for Target, perfect for a day of walking or a day after a night of dancing.

Something else Fashionistas know is that one of the most valued accessories having a good-sized bag when traveling. Whether you are taking a train or boarding a plane, having a bag that will fit your “just-in-case” items like your favorite lip balm (with SPF), water and, of course, the next Hunger Games book is important. Plus, we all are guilty of packing too much in our suitcases, so having extra room in that bag by your side is smart. Her leather bag looks great and will come in handy for those spring break essentials.

It goes without saying that this Fashionista’s spring break, making her way to the coast, will be a trip will with fun and style, naturally.

One Simple Change: If you are heading north for spring break, wear a pair of combat boots and a thicker jacket. Be sure to keep it comfortable but remember the temperature change that will happen over a few hours!


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