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What to Wear

After spending a semester abroad, I have developed a serious case of wanderlust. There’s nothing I enjoy more than anonymously exploring different cultures. Though I believe travel is priceless, I have become wary of the difficulties of traveling itself. During my time abroad, I spent almost forty hours in flight and countless hours waiting at airports and in train cars. I missed a flight to Dublin and was stranded overnight in Stockholm after a cancelled flight. Traveling is stressful! These experiences, however troublesome, made me an expert in the art of traveling. Choosing the perfect travel outfit is an essential step to planning a trip.

The first challenge of fashionable traveling is airport security. Over-the-knee boots and a chunky watch aren’t going to do you any favors here. Go simple and comfortable like this Fashionista. Her boots are loose and easy to slip on and off. Dress simply to avoid an unwanted pat-down from the TSA! This Fashionista is also perfectly prepared for unpredictable airplane temperatures. Always wear layers for a flight, especially if you’re traveling to a different climate. This Fashionista will be ready to whip off her layers as soon as she hits her spring break destination! Her gingham high-waisted pants and bright red top will bring the sunshine wherever she ventures.
One Simple Change: If you’re unfortunate enough to be stuck in the frozen tundra of Chicago for spring break, try a cool leather jacket and Ray-Bans. There may not be a beach available, but you can still rock a pair of sunglasses!


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