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What to Wear

Holiday music is playing and the smell of gingerbread lattes is in the air. I absolutely love the atmosphere of mid-December. Not only is it cheery and filled with decorations, treats, Christmas trees and lights, it also means that I’m finally getting free time to spend with my closest friends and family members. The end of the semester has snuck up on us, and that means an array of things: finals, winter break and the trek back home for the holidays. This combination of daunting tasks can begin to take a toll on your motivation to pull yourself together in the mornings. I mean, studying, packing and then proceeding to travel home? This can definitely be a stressful string of events and make you want to slide on some sweatpants for the car ride or flight home. However, there’s an easy way to stay comfortable while still looking your best as you make the trip back to your hometown for a break from classes!

This Fashionisto makes style look easy. He’s definitely rocking comfortability, but still looks chic doing it. The easiest way to do this? Pick your color palette and choice of material wisely. The two-tone trend swept runways and department stores over the last few years, but has now been incorporated a little more subtly. Fashionistas/os are not expected to match black with black and brown with brown anymore, but rather are encouraged to mix and match the two. Personally, I love the look of a caramel brown pant and a black T-shirt. Something about it looks so sophisticated and clean cut, yet in reality it’s the most comfortable and simple outfit a person could choose! These looks are the best for traveling. When you arrive at home, you won’t look like you were hit by a bus from finals and packing your things for break. You’ll look like you roundhouse kicked those finals and are ready for a relaxing break!

Getting this look is simple. Start with a simple T-shirt in a material that you prefer. I love a good oversized, cotton T-shirt for things like traveling. This Fashionisto rocks one from Gas Monkey Garage. He pairs it with an awesome pair of caramel brown colored pants and some Nike sneakers that incorporate both black and brown. I love the combination and the simplicity of his look.

One Simple Change: Swap the T-shirt for a nice button-down and a vest to spruce yourself up, and this look could easily be worn to an internship.


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