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What to Wear

Although Thanksgiving was just around the corner, I can’t help but count down the days left until winter break. After all, nothing is better than being at home, stuffing yourself full of delicious homemade food and wrapping it all up with a nice cozy nap at the end (honestly, that’s all that I’ve been doing for the last week…and it’s been heavenly.) Of course, getting home isn’t nearly as nice as being home. I for one can’t think of anything worse than airports during holiday season. It’s always a struggle trying to dress for travel. The urge to look chic and presentable is constantly battling the urge to show up in my pajamas.

Looking at her ensemble, this Fashionista has no problems whatsoever when it comes to traveling in style and comfort. Clad in loosely cut clothing made from soft fabrics, her outfit feels as comfortable as a pair of pajamas but looks like an outfit that the Olsens would wear. It’s the perfect look for cold weather travels!

Her army green coat, with its bright check inside pattern, is perfect for traveling. It’s versatile, warm and durable. Underneath it she wears a vintage sweatshirt with a bold logo, giving the look some ’90s grunge vibes. Her black harem pants complement her grungy sweatshirt, channeling the hip-hop fashions of the ’90s yet again. Harem pants are both functional and fashionable making it a classic travel staple. She accessorizes with a chunky knitted scarf and hat, and ties the neutral color scheme of the outfit together with a brown leather bag and boots in the same hue. Bon voyage, mes amis!

One Simple Change: For a rainy day, swap out the leather boots for some short rain boots and opt for a hooded jacket so that you don’t have to worry about an umbrella. Keep yourself warm by adding gloves into the mix, too!

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