WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

What to Wear

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is going to have to deal with the woes of traveling. Long lines for security, stuffy buses and snoring neighbors are not the greatest, but we all put up with them so we can be home with our family and friends during the holiday season.

Though traveling is not fun, that doesn’t mean your style shouldn’t be when you’re hitting the airport or bus station. Take some cues from this Fashionista for your next flight or trip. Her comfortable and casual look is still colorful and fashion-forward but also perfect for cramped airplane seats or overcrowded train rides.

The focal point of her outfit is her brightly printed denim pants. The teal and bright green stand out on the black background and give her an effortlessly cool look. Because the pants are made from stretch denim, they are also perfect for traveling. They’re comfortable, but they won’t get stretched out and sad looking after sitting for several hours.

She smartly paired her vibrant pants with a simple black top. The soft, fleece-like fabric is easy to wear and warm for overly air-conditioned airplanes and buses, but it still looks polished with the half-zip detailing at the neck. Finally, she chose a comfortable and cozy pair of knit boots to add to the look. The gray color adds another element of interest without overwhelming the outfit, and these shoes are sure to be perfect for a day of standing in long lines for security or slipping off mid-train ride.

Like this Fashionista, be sure to smartly choose your traveling ensemble so you look stylish yet comfortable while heading home this holiday season.

One simple change: Swap the top for a chambray shirt and change out the knit boots for flats, and you’re ready for class or a group meeting.


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