WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

What to Wear

The period before you begin your travels can be very stressful. You need to be quite organized in preparation for your trip, whether it be for business or leisure. You have created several lists, some mentally, others tangibly and every moment is spent trying to remember what you forgot to include in your suitcase or trying aimlessly to cut down on what you have included—curse those pesky luggage weight restrictions.

But once the day of your trip has arrived, most, if not all, of your troubles have been shipped away; your lists have been fulfilled and your essentials have been packed. Traveling should be the least stressful time of your trip schedule. You’re sitting on a plane for however many hours, watching a marathon of films, reading your favorite books or just sleeping. You look through your window and see your city as a miniature model; the people in it, specks and any problems you left behind are now a microscopic afterthought. The period en route can be a time to treat yourself, whether it be with a pat on the back, retail therapy or an upgrade to first class.

From my own travels I have observed that there are two types of travelers: those who dress in their best garb and those who place comfort above all—sweatpants, a T-shirt and sneakers, please.

This Fashionisto has chosen to travel in style. He opted for some comfortable pieces and darker tones. When traveling, you need an outfit that won’t slow you down while you run to make your flight and won’t make sitting for an extended period an unthinkable task. This traveler has got both style and comfort on lock. He looked cool, calm and collected in cooler hues. From his sensible shoes to fitted button-up, he keeps a nice balance between smart and casual.

The Fashionisto paired his dark grey fitted short sleeve button-up—featuring a blue and mauve flower detail—with blue chinos, which are perfect for almost any occasion. In the footwear department, he went with a conscious choice and wore skate shoes to keep the soles of his feet at ease while running from terminal to terminal. A carry-on can be one of the most important parts of your luggage; it carries the items you will need during your flight, and they can be hygiene-related, for entertainment or valuables that you don’t feel comfortable leaving in suitcases. This stylish person carried a black backpack with multiple compartments and latches—a great addition to his look—both to hold his essentials and keep them safe.

One Simple Change: This outfit is adaptable. With some minor changes, it can become a look suitable for a day out with friends while on vacation. You can exchange the skateboard sneakers for some brown oxfords. Finally, you should swap the black backpack in for a brown satchel to hold your camera, cash and passport whilst you sightsee. These two adjustments can take this outfit from smart casual to sophisticated.


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