WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

What to Wear

Moving to a new city can be daunting, exciting and disorienting. Whether the relocation is due to school, work or wanderlust, it’s something that everyone goes through at least once in their lives. You have to figure out how to get around, make new friends and settle into a routine. Sometimes you’re also faced with emotions that you weren’t even expecting to feel. Ever since I made the move to New York City for the summer, I’ve discovered a little something called ‘homesickness.’ Yes Mom, I really miss you.

The greatest aspect of moving to a new place is the time you spend exploring a city that you’re not familiar with. Everything seems magical and beautiful. This Fashionista is wearing the perfect ensemble for adventuring around a new city. She opts for a navy blue button-up, camel brown skirt and little pops of color in her floral blazer and kate spade bag.

I adore the sheer femininity exuded by this Fashionista. She brilliantly pairs some frilly socks with her dark brown leather ankle boots, creating the perfect juxtaposition between softness and structure. Follow her lead and keep the sun out of your eyes with a straw hat that perfectly complements summer. Since she went with a busy top, this Fashionista kept her accessories basic with a simple necklace and a lovely watch.

One Simple Change: Walking around all day long often leads to blisters. This Fashionista could easily swap out her ankle boots for a sweet pair of leopard print skimmers. Also, make sure whatever shoes you wear are already broken in. There’s nothing that makes you look more uncool than limping around like a newborn calf in excruciating pain while you slowly bleed out into your shoes. I’m sorry for the graphic nature of that sentence but I’ve had a few near death experiences.


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