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What to Wear

There are many means of traveling from one state to another. Planes, trains and automobiles are some of the most popular and sometimes an automobile can be a more interesting alternative. Road trips are a much talked about adventure that some people actually enjoy embarking on. With the right group of friends and enough tasty snacks, I would consider taking a road trip for “fun.” But what might be more important than deciding between Combos and gummy bears when traveling for extended amounts of time is what to wear. Comfort is absolutely vital and if you’re traveling from state to state, temperatures are bound to vary. Today’s Fashionisto rocks an edgy look that would be great for trekking across more than one state line.

Today’s Fashionisto maintains a comfortable, layered look with black cut-off shorts, a graphic striped T-shirt and an amazing tropical print jacket that he bought at a thrift store. Assuming you’re traveling during the summertime, this look is great because the shorts offer flexibility and the jacket is lightweight enough to still be comfortable. When it came to accessories, this Fashionisto excelled. He looks ready to take on anything and anyone with his black lace-up boots, skull ring and silver bracelet. He continues to accessorize like a pro with a silver chain necklace and a snapback, which looks nice with the color of his hair.

Next time you’re traveling or plan on taking a cross-country road trip, take some style cues from today’s Fashionisto. And Fashionistas, this applies to you as well. Start with a pair of comfortable shorts and a loose T-shirt. Pick one with a fun print or graphic design. To prepare for cold nights on the road, make sure you have a lightweight jacket. This layback jacket from OBEY or this printed one from Karmaloop would be great options. For accessories, have no fear and prepare yourself for greatness. Start off with a pair of boots—lace-up or pull on will do the trick. For jewelry, throw on a bracelet, some rings and a simple necklace. Obviously, you can add more or less as you please. To shield your eyes, put on a hat or opt for some cool shades. Finally, don’t forget a roomy bag for all the essentials (a.k.a. snack food and water).

Wherever you choose to drive or ride a train to, experiment with patterns, shapes and colors. Maybe you’ll pick up some inspiration (and extra accessories) wherever you stop along the way!

One Simple Change: Rainy days do not call for drab clothing. When summer rain showers inevitably roll around, swap out the jacket for a raincoat. If you’re concerned about the health of your shoes, go with a pair of neutral rain boots that won’t distract from the rest of this killer outfit.


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