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What to Wear

Rest and relaxation have been a must this time of year. No matter what you have going on, there should be time somewhere in your insane schedule for the occasional trip out of town. Whether you’re escaping the city by plane to be closer to nature, driving to the beach or walking around shopping in Soho, a cozy outfit with the essentials is the perfect way to go. Waiting in airport lines or store lines, this Fashionista’s ensemble could be exactly what you were looking for not matter where the destination.

Paying a visit back to the state she’s from, this Fashionista was ready for any activity that came her way by sticking to the basics with a fashionable touch. First of all, I must start with the forever battled statement that leggings ARE pants because really, they are. Whoever tells you otherwise probably has never worn them because they are super comfortable and can go with almost any outfit (by “any outfit” I don’t mean you should start wearing them with denim skirts again like in middle school, lets not bring that look back ever!).

Her eyelet white top is gorgeous for the beautiful weather. Plus it’s light to wear which is perfect for spring. On top of that she sports a hunter green military styled button-down to add color and texture to her look. Then of course she brings her traveling essentials – ID, money, debit card, cell phone, iPod, book and more – to entertain herself on the long train ride inside of her tan colored Bakers handbag. Lastly, you want to wear your most versatile shoes for walking, running, sitting, hiking or whatever else you will be doing. Black Converse did the trick for this Fashionista. Looking like she still lives here, she pulled off her travel style to a T. Take some cues from this Fashionista and steal her look for your flight back home from college!

One Simple Change: Take off the leggings and replace them with a skater skirt! This would be perfect for a casual date.


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