WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

What to Wear

Traveling can be extremely difficult and frustrating. The airport always smells a little funky, and dragging around your wardrobe in two big luggage cases is just no fun. The Fashionista above appears comfortable enough for a 16-hour plane ride or a 20-minute bus ride.

The scarf was knitted by hand, and wraps all around her neck two or three times. Don’t be afraid to make your own accessories. If you can sew or knit, use those skills! Because the scarf is a light tan, she mixes and matches colors for the rest of her outfit. The green oversized sweater is vibrant, but keeps her warm in the cold weather. Darker colors are more suitable for the winter.

Her skirt peeks out from underneath the sweater and has vertical stripes of differing colors from pink to green to blue. Sometimes a skirt with an interesting design can make an outfit cuter than it originally was. Just showing a little bit underneath a larger sweater is like a playful tease of color. A skirt doesn’t have to be tight; it can be a little bit looser and still complement an outfit.

Black tights lengthen her legs until her dark purple flats. The flats are of a darker hue like the sweater. Instead of wearing high boots, she chose a comfortable pair of shoes that were easy to walk in. Everyone has one pair of shoes that they wear often. Choose your favorite pair and work the outfit around it, because comfort is number one while traveling.

One Simple Change: Switch the green sweater for a long sleeve shirt that can be tucked into the skirt. The outfit can become more formal.


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