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What to Wear

Spring break is finally here! We made it through the rain, through the all-nighters and through the midterms. If you’re leaving campus, there’s only one thing left to do (aside from buying a new bikini, of course) – travel. Whether you’re going somewhere nearby or flying internationally, any kind of travelling can be the worst. But once you’ve got the perfect outfit, you’re bound to have a great trip. This Fashionista’s outfit is a great example of what to wear to get you to that spring break destination!

One of the most important aspects of travel that you need to take into consideration is convenience. Airport security can be a hassle. We’re told to remove our shoes, jewelry, belts, sweatshirts and jackets, all while trying to hurry because the businessman behind us in line is very impatient. This Fashionista’s ballet flats are perfect for sliding on and off – much easier than untying shoes or unlacing boots. Her zip-front jacket is also great for moving quickly through security. Especially if you’re running late, you don’t want to have to fumble with a pullover sweatshirt (which is only going to mess up your hair, anyway).

In terms of accessories, this Fashionista chose the right amount of extra pizazz for her outfit – none at all! Sometimes (especially when traveling) less is more. Jewelry at airports will only slow you down, and the details of this outfit are already eye-catching on their own! A great nail polish could be all an outfit needs to go from cute to adorable. This Fashionista also chose a great bag for travel; it’s the perfect size to carry any travel essentials without lugging around a bulky carry-on bag.

Aside from practicality, though, this Fashionista’s edgy and chic outfit really stands out in a crowd. The delicate lace on her white top pairs perfectly with her feminine ballet flats. To add some extra personality, she added a leather jacket and vintage bag. This Fashionista’s style is a perfect balance of edgy and elegant.

So if you’re headed to a party, headed to the beach or just headed home, take a page from this Fashionista’s book and find a look that’s practical, unique and fashion forward when you travel; you’ll make all the other airport-goers’ heads turn.

One Simple Change: Swap the lace top and jeans for a flirty lace dress and you’re ready for a girls’ night out!


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