WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

What to Wear

Our calendars mark one of the most important holidays of the semester, spring break! And with few days, for others weeks, left, the anticipation is unbearable and I already have a suitcase packed in my mind with all the essentials. By essentials I mean floral print, flowy skirts, a fedora and wedges.

Once my imaginary suitcase is done, I began to wonder what am I going to wear for traveling? That is the million dollar question. This Fashionista answered the uncertainty of my travel dilemmas. Go for black!

I am always a fan of purchasing pieces with a little twist. These jeans with patches are the perfect combination of classic with a fabric like denim and edginess with the leather detail. You can choose from a comfier version like leather leggings with denim details to a color-block taupe and black skinny jeans. Either way make sure you have a piece that stands out among the sobriety of your outfit.

One of the pros of winter weather is that you get to take your puffy jacket everywhere you go, even traveling. My jacket always ends up as a pillow or blanket…and don’t act like you haven’t done it before! This Fashionista played with the fluffiness of the jacket and the sneakers to give this look a sporty vibe.

Finally, the on the go items for your travel adventures. Cool sunnies and big handbag for the inevitable snacks and magazines. When wearing black, everything becomes so much easier. Thanks to this Fashionista, a sober look with edgy accents is now my favorite ensemble for traveling days.

One Simple Change: Once you arrive to your sunny destination, ditch the jacket, leave on that cute top and change the sneakers for pretty strappy heels for a spring break worthy outfit.


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