WHAT TO WEAR: Study Groups

What to Wear

Despite the gorgeous weather and the spring time breeze, a Fashionista can’t spend their entire time in the quad. Teachers, tests and papers, unfortunately for us, don’t take a break for nice weather. Spring time can be one of the hardest seasons to get any work done. Which is why investing the time in going to a study group may be very beneficial. A study group can help you on assignments and encourage you to actually do your work. Also, study groups can be very helpful in avoiding procrastinating because everyone would know that you’re looking on your Facebook or Pinterest, which is not the class assignment.

Comfort is a very important thing to think about when getting dressed for a study group. The primary goal is to be cute but comfortable. A Fashionista should attempt not to dazzle them with their Friday-best but glow with their simple, understated sense of style.

Take notes on this Fashionista; she is wearing a cute simple blue skater dress. Dresses are perfect for study groups because they are comfortable and easy to put on if you are running late. The Fashionista embodies comfort from head to toe, rocking a cute pair tan combat boots. The triangle necklace adds a spark of quirk to this simple and stylish outfit.

It’s important that a Fashionista keep up with her academics. Study groups can make studying bearable if not enjoyable. So put on your dress and hit the library, your study group is waiting.

One Simple Change: After a long day of studying, you and your study group decide that you deserve a night out on the town to celebrate your academic excellence. Slip on a trench coat, trade your short necklace for long chained necklace and then add a sense of adventure by switching your comfortable combat boots out for a pair of platforms sandals.


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