WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

What to Wear

Studying — an unfortunately inevitable part of college life. No matter your major, year or school, you’ll have exams to write and reviews to do in order to prepare. If you’re lucky enough to have friends in your class, switch up your solo library time for a study group! It’ll be more fun and can be extremely productive, provided you stay on track don’t get caught up in the latest campus gossip. Whether you’re in the library, your residence hall or a café, the study group is a prime opportunity to show off your style. This Fashionista does it right by playing with neutrals to create a relaxed look that is comfortable enough to let you focus on the work at hand.

The anchor of her outfit is a charcoal gray romper. I love a cute romper and bemoan the fact that they rarely fit me (I stand at 5-foot-10), but this one is particularly appropriate for the study group because it’s casual enough to make this Fashionista’s look effortless. Fit is tricky with the romper — the length has to be right, the shorts have to fit, etc., but this Fashionista nails it and looks cute and comfy all at the same time. She accessorizes her romper with a wide brown belt, the first of her neutral extras, and allows the romper to blouse over it, which adds to her appearance of being super laid-back.

My favorite part about this look is how all the neutrals work together to create a cohesive outfit. I have mentioned before that I believe a pop of color is always appropriate, but this Fashionista made me rethink my previous conviction! Her cropped beige trench adds a touch of class to the otherwise casual look, but she leaves it open to let the romper take the focus.

Her khaki booties are slouchy, again keeping the tone of the outfit relaxed. A delicate key necklace is always a classic and this one sits at the perfect length: long to sit just above the belt. The perfect top-off to this outfit is her ombré hair — as if she needed to convince us even further of her command of the neutral. This Fashionista is ready to go and meet friends to study — let’s hope they can focus and not talk fashion the whole time!

One Simple Change: This Fashionista carries a backpack full of study materials, but this look can easily transition into the perfect outfit for running errands. Simply swap the backpack for a large tote bag (in a neutral of course!) to fit all those essentials for a day out on campus or in town.


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