WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

What to Wear

As they say, “April showers bring May flowers,” but May also brings about the infamous week of finals. Unsure of where the time went, May has crept up on us and finals are creeping closer as well. Whenever there is a time of panic, you are always told to use the buddy system, and this method is applicable to finals week as well.

The buddy system, which are also known as study groups, can help alleviate questions about the supply and demand curve in economics and the biological systems vocabulary you can’t seem to pronounce… or it could end in the blind leading the blind. Regardless, studying with groups of friends or classmates is a finals week tactic college students love to implement.

When you go about the study group approach, you must be strategic in planning your outfit. I spotted this Fashionista looking quite breezy as she left the library after studying with her friends. What caught my eye was her seemingly effortless style of looking both casual and comfortable, ideal for hours of study.

Although I love it all, my favorite aspect of her look is the denim jacket paired with a lace top. The masculinity of structured denim matched with the dainty feminine qualities of lace complement each other beautifully. She also donned a classic pair of khaki skinnies, ideal for spring. Next, this Fashionista had no fear as she showed the boys up and rocked a pair of Clarks.

Whenever you are in and out of the library studying with friends, it’s important to wear an outfit that can be versatile enough to travel to class and about campus in, just like this week’s Fashionista.

One Simple Change: If your power hour study group session transforms into hours of cramming for a final, swap out your denim jacket for an oversized sweater to keep cozy in the cool temperatures of the library.


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