WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

What to Wear

It is so weird to think that the semester is almost over. Everyone is now just focusing on final exams and group projects. I am a senior, and just thinking over everything that I have to accomplish by the end of this month overwhelms me. But I am not the only one, all my friends and peers are feeling the same pressure, and I am sure most of you guys are too. One of the things I’ve noticed around me is that people start to not care much about their appearance at the end of the semester. People just don’t care as much as the first week of school. Remember the first day of school when you spotted that girl in heels? Well not anymore, she is now wearing running shoes and a big oversized T-shirt.

Finding people that manage to look great without trying to hard is like finding Waldo. Even though classes are over for the day and people start to go home, there are still a few of us that stay after hours in the library trying to cram as much information for our next test in a study group! I found this Fashionista ready to study rocking a pair of printed pants that she paired with her favorite T-shirt and a denim jacket. I am a big fan of jeans. It is something that you can never go wrong with. You can dress them up or down and they are so comfortable. Printed pants on the other side…scare me. I don’t always feel comfortable styling them, but this Fashionista made me want to get a pair! She stood out from the sea of Nike shorts and oversized T-shirts in a very good way. If you are dying to get a pair of printed pants, check these out from H&M. She paired her shoes with a very cute pair of lace loafers, you can find a similar style here from Vince Camuto.

One Simple Change: If you are done with studying and starving and want to meet up with friends for a nice dinner, switch that denim jacket for a black blazer that will make you look effortlessly chic.


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