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What to Wear

As students, every one of us Fashionistas/os has experienced the plight of a challenging class. Some courses are so demanding that it feels like we deserve a medal of honor just for passing them. When it comes to reviewing for these classes, two heads (or even three or four) are always better than one.

A study group is an invaluable resource for students as the final month of the semester begins. Exams are approaching more quickly than any of us would like to admit. The perfect way to prepare, especially for those challenging classes, is to review with a good group of students. This Fashionista is dressed perfectly for an afternoon meeting with such a study group. Her colored leggings, knit sweater and bohemian backpack are casual and comfortable for hours of studying.

The key to a comfortable look is a comfortable pant. Assembling a study group can have tons of advantages. Missing a week of lecture notes? Don’t understand that lesson on linear regressions? A study buddy can help solve either dilemma. When meeting with a study group, the last thing you want to be is distracted by uncomfortable buttons or tight fabrics. Instead, soft, stretchy leggings are ideal. In her burgundy pants, this Fashionista will be able to focus on her coursework, even if her study group meets over a cramped library table. When choosing your own leggings, look for options beyond a basic black. From patterns and colors to cutouts and zippers, leggings are a great way to showcase your personality. The piping on this Fashionista’s pair is a subtle detail and is super flattering.

She finishes her look with a casual knit sweater. As the weather warms up, switch out heavy cable knits for a thinner weave. Like her leggings, this Fashionista’s loose sweater looks soft and comfortable. Again, this is just the right feel for a meeting with your study group. She completes the outfit with every student’s essential accessory—a knapsack. I love that this Fashionista has chosen a book bag that is so different from a traditional nylon one. With its bohemian print and leather detailing, this a backpack I would actually be excited to carry around campus. What is more, it looks roomy enough to store all your study materials for a day of review.

When tackling challenging coursework, there’s always strength in numbers. When meeting with a study group, dress comfortably with casual leggings and loose knits. This will make it easy to get more comfortable with course material.

One Simple Change: Spending the day running errands downtown? Swap the cozy knit sweater for a spring jacket. It’s the perfect piece for a day of running around.


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