WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

What to Wear

Having to meet a group to study or work on a project can be daunting. It’s nerve-wracking to meet new people and figure out how everyone will fit into collaborating on a project. Looking both professional and fun can help make this process easier. Even if you’re just meeting a group of friends to study, it is great to put your best foot forward and have fun with fashion. You never know when an unexpected trip to Starbucks might happen.

This Fashionista shows how to dress with style for a study group while still maintaining comfort. The first thing that caught my eye about her ensemble was her amazing Charles David gold metallic boots. This shoe looks classy and put together without causing the wearer to sacrifice comfort. A similar Charles David gold metallic bootie with a little heel can be found here. This Fashionista’s gold corduroy American Apparel pants complement the shoes by continuing the warm tone with a mustard yellow. An excellent American Apparel pant to pair with these boots would be this disco pant. It comes in many colors, so you could personalize your preference regarding color and still maintain the vibrancy of wearing a pant that complements the shoes, while adding a little sheen.

This Fashionista is sporting a blue peacoat to stand out and add an element of cool color to the rest of the warm gold colors in her ensemble. Wearing this bright blue blazer by NASTY GAL could imitate the look while still being appropriate to wear indoors. Finally, she is wearing a yellow infinity scarf to complement the warm tones of her pants and shoes. This infinity scarf would be perfect to wear to with this ensemble. It comes in many colors, so you could pick a color to coordinate with the American Apparel disco pants mentioned above.

One Simple Change: Switching out the peacoat for a brightly colored oversized sweater and adding a large tote bag would make this outfit perfect for shopping.


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