WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

What to Wear

It’s midterm season, ya’ll, and no one is excited about it. There is nothing worse than cumulative tests with information that you’ve already forgotten! However, don’t fret, because there are two positive things to midterms: you’re halfway through the semester, and you don’t have to go through them alone. Make friends with your classmates, or randomly reach out to your peers to enlist their help studying for a test or two. Two study guides are better than one— as they say.

Once you’ve reached out, gotten a few people together and set the date for when you’re meeting, there is only one thing left to do: pick out your outfit. While it may seem silly, us Fashionistas know that it is imperative to always look our best. This is especially true when it’s one of the first impressions that we’re making on people. These people are peers, and can become friends or continual study partners. While you’re going to need more than a good outfit to make lasting study buddy relationships, being well-dressed doesn’t hurt.

This Fashionista demonstrates how to look good, and be practical while meeting with your group. It really depends on where you meet, but I always dress comfortable and cozy when going to study. If your outfit is too over the top, you will be focusing on that rather than absorbing the material. In order to be cozy, you can follow this Fashionista’s lead, and pair your perfectly distressed and worn-down jeans with an oversized sweater.

Libraries are often cold, so it’s better to bring too many layers than too few. Add an embellished jacket, a scarf and a tote to carry your textbooks, and you’re ready to work!

One Simple Change: Swap the oversized sweater and jeans for a tank dress, and you have the perfect day to night outfit.


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