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From the Editor, What to Wear

The midterm point brings about lots of stress, exams and the dreaded “group project.” Just the two words “group project” send shivers down my spine. The mix of caffeine, lack of sleep, clashing personalities and coordinating schedules usually spells catastrophe.

While group projects and study groups can often lead to disaster, that doesn’t mean you have to look like one. Whether you are meeting at the library, a coffee shop or a teammate’s apartment, wearing a sweatpants and a pajama short or even a mini skirt and pumps just aren’t appropriate looks for a study session. This Fashionista kept it cool by rocking an ensemble that is perfect for a long study group.

I love this Fashionista’s distressed denim. A great pair of jeans can take you just about anywhere. This Fashionista’s medium wash pair is great because it transcends seasons and occasions. The ripped knees add an edge to the look while still looking casual and chic.

Her toggle coat is the perfect choice. Spring is just around the corner so wearing a heavy peacoat or puffer jacket will (hopefully soon) be inappropriate for the weather. The lightweight jacket keeps you warm while making your way to the study group. Plus, if the library is freezing (which it usually is), you can keep it on without feeling constricted or weighed down. The toggles are a nice touch and a detail not often seen in fashion as of late. They make the coat (and the Fashionista) look unique and standout.

Finally, no look is complete without accessories. Her lace-up boots are a must for a study group. They are sturdy, comfortable and fashion-forward—what more could you ask for? Her beanie is a great topper. The fur ball on the top adds some personality. I like that this Fashionista went for a braid, as it lightens the look.

Don’t fear the study group, Fashionistas/os. If you sport a look like this Fashionista, you are sure to survive in style.

One Simple Change: Celebrating the end of the group project by heading to a concert? Swap out the coat for a vintage T-shirt from your favorite band and you are ready to rock!

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