WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

What to Wear

First glance at our Fashionista this week and I know what you are all thinking. It’s the middle of winter and she is wearing a skirt! But here at Arizona State, we give the cold shoulder to winter and embrace the sunshine. With the warm weather, it is a perfect time to pull out your easy, breezy look, which is what our Fashionista did for a meeting with her study group. Studying is a time when you want to be most comfortable and when you look good, you feel good. And let’s be honest, we all would like to feel better while studying! So this week I will be talking about how to keep the comfort level of your pajamas but also being a campus COVERGIRL.

To achieve this effortless (and comfy) look, our Fashionista started with a basic (or core piece) spaghetti strap tank in a beautiful minty blue to pop against her dark brown hair. She then added an olive green fit and flare skirt to keep the solid pieces together and throw in a flirty aspect. She then complemented both core colors with a chunky brown belt that sat high at her waist. A high-waisted belt is a tool Fashionistas like to use if they are a little shorter, because the belt gives the illusion that your waist is higher and the appearance of elongated legs. Next, she brought on the print and utilized a lightweight Aztec printed cardigan. The Aztec print is far from history and is a great way to give your outfit some pattern. Her accessories consist of basic bangles, a tie bracelet and a watch along with brown ballet flats and a hot pink skateboard to show her girly side, but to also let everyone know she can hang with the boys. This outfit is one that guarantees comfort and is prime for a study group. The best aspect to this outfit is that it also allows you to go out to lunch with friends afterwards or to another class.

With all of the materials and fabrics being used in fashion today it is almost impossible to not be comfortable and fabulous while being on campus. Dressing well does not mean that you have to wear a piece that you cannot breathe in and nor should it have to. So find those oh-so-soft pieces and hit the books so you can ace your classes just like you aced your study group style.

One Simple Change: If you want a look that could be worn to a Sunday brunch or informal banquet, try wearing wedges instead of flats and add a small statement necklace to dress it up!


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