WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

What to Wear

Spring break forever. Cue in James Franco’s voice. An image of his dreads instantly comes to mind. But really, spring break doesn’t necessarily mean bikinis and tank tops. In the northeast, it’s still snowing in March. We have a few warm days, though.

The Fashionista above looks fabulous with her striped dress and various accessories. The dress has a base of white with a few orange and gray stripes running across it. Stripes can make a simple dress look like it has a more interesting cut. Plus, they look cute when your skirt moves in the wind. The small cut at the waist accentuates her curves just the right amount. Because her dress is mainly white, she adds flair through her accessories from her colorful dyed scarf to her almond-colored necklace.

The gem on her necklace is interesting, but the simple silver cord contrasts well with the white dress, because it’s just a bit brighter. I really liked that she chose to wear a long necklace with a scarf. Otherwise, that accessory wouldn’t have been visible. The green bracelet and stone necklace add an earthy feel. Spring break is the perfect time to break out the bright colors.

Her light cover-up doesn’t overshadow the other elements in her outfit. With eye-catching accessories and a dress with a specific design, your jacket doesn’t need to be particularly flashy. Keep an outfit simple, but bold. She ends with a pair of tan shoes that, like her cover-up, don’t overthrow the other colors she has.

One Simple Change: Ugh, this outfit is so absolutely perfect for so many occasions. However, leaving the scarf at home could make the outfit more formal for something like a career fair.


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