WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

What to Wear

When March comes around, it’s hard to ignore any college student’s two favorite words: spring break! Just the way the two words are placed next to each other is music to our ears. The truth is, we spend countless days planning the who, what, when and where of our coveted one to two week stint of freedom. Just as important as the destination, the threads we choose can set the tone for our time free from classes, homework and drama. Spring break is a time for us to relax and spend time with close friends or family. Whether you are headed to soak up the sun (thank you Sheryl Crow) in the little latitudes or you are eager to bundle up in chunky sweaters and scarves up north (maybe you should reconsider?), you should take these school free days to kick back, and let your fashion sense do the same!

If you’re chasing the warm weather, there’s nothing better than breezy, loose clothing to contribute to your relaxation efforts. This Fashionista is all set for whatever a day in the sun will throw at her; beach, shopping or even a bike ride. You can never go wrong with jeans, am I right? There are so many different styles and washes that it’s hard to choose just one! For a bohemian, laid back vibe, a pair of distressed jeans are the perfect choice. In addition, a light and airy tee is a great complimentary piece. To polish your outfit, throw on a simple pair of flip flops, to show off those bright toe nails, of course, and some of your favorite jewelry. Remember, the simpler the better! All you need is a few colorful bangles and a simple necklace or pair of earrings and your ready to go.

Spring break is all about rejuvenation, so don’t get tied down worrying how to be a show stopper. Take this time to simplify your style. Don’t stress about what to wear, go with the flow. As one of my idols Bob Marley once said, “don’t worry, be happy.” Take it from Marley, girl, and have a fabulous spring break!

One Simple Change: If you’ve already had spring break (we’re a little late here at Elon), you can still rock this outfit if you’re going to the beach for the weekend with friends! If you’re worried about getting a nice pair of jeans dirty (aren’t we all) slip on a pair of distressed shorts instead. You can find inexpensive ones online or in stores, like these.


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