WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

What to Wear

If you can believe it, it’s spring and DePaul has experienced what is probably the lamest spring break of all. I think it was warmer at the beginning of winter break than it was for our spring break. While none of this is the university’s fault, I like to blame them for most things. One thing I can’t blame them for however, is lack of imagination when it comes to extending our winter wardrobe outside of the technical bounds of winter. I personally am so tired of sweaters, leggings and boots and yet it is what almost every one of us shuffles around the city in. This Fashionista is wearing a colored printed maxi skirt and boots, showing that the transition from winter to spring, slow as it may be, can at least mean bringing in more color and a different shape.

This Fashionista is dressed for the winter as she should be, yet is also bringing in a few elements of spring wear to the table. Her colorful maxi skirt is perfect for this weird weather we’ve been having and mixes things up from the aforementioned standard winter wardrobe, giving her a little break from leggings or jeans. The days of summer dresses are looking farther and farther away as it continues to stay cold, but maxi skirts and dresses at least give us the option of breaking things up a bit. I also really love this backpack. A colorful backpack is so different from everyone else’s and this particular one is so bright and fun.

One Simple Change: If turning this outfit into one slightly more spring-y, I think changing in the coat for a Navajo-inspired jacket is the way to go. Layers are extremely important when it’s still so cold outside, but a thicker cardigan could be the right answer! After this quick outerwear swap and perhaps a switch from a backpack to a smaller cross body bag, this outfit is perfect for going shopping with friends.


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