WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

What to Wear

Ah, spring break. A long week filled with my two favorite S’s: sleep and shopping. Of course, for some of us, spring break means more than retail therapy trips and day long Netflix binges in bed. Instead, many of our spring breaks are filled with vacations to exotic, tropical islands and places where it is acceptable to wear nothing but a bathing suit—all in an effort to escape Michigan’s polar vortex. However, for some college students (myself included), a quiet stay at home is all that is on the spring break schedule. And for those of us who are staying in the Michigan area, it can be difficult avoiding the wintry blues.

However, as always, fashion has an answer to all of winter’s problems. This Fashionista shows that by choosing fun pieces to style your cold weather ensemble, it is easy to bring a little happy energy into your Michigan spring break. She sports an eccentric Bart Simpson sweater with a light blue collared shirt underneath. The contrast between the bright print on the sweater and the soft color of the collar helps create an appealing balance within her outfit. She also chooses to wear all white ripped skinny jeans and Dr. Martens in order to keep a central focus on the sweater. It is easy when creating fun outfits to go a little overboard with prints and unique styles. However, choosing one fun piece and building an outfit around that look is a great way to incorporate some excitement into your spring break style without looking mismatched.

To integrate a little more color into her outfit, this Fashionista chose a light green beanie and a leopard print backpack. In general, a great way to incorporate unique color is through accessories; they will add some fun to your outfit without overpowering it. And then to top it all off, she wears a black jacket with studded arms— yet another way to create the perfect balance of eccentric and basic looks.

Although spring break may not always mean sundresses and cabana boys, it is simple to bring a little essence of the sun into your spring break look. With a few unique pieces balanced with essential basics, your closet will help create some spring break fun here in Michigan. Happy relaxation!

One Simple Change: No matter where you are for spring break this year, having a pause in academics is cause enough for a little partying. For a night out with friends, try switching the skinny jeans for a simple black skater skirt and black tights. Your outfit is now an awesome grunge look, perfect for any casual hang out over break.


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