WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

What to Wear

After days of running on caffeine, midterms are finally over. It’s time to put the books away and relax, or in the case of many college students, continue to get no sleep. Whether you’re headed home to spend time with family or going to a tropical paradise with your friends, spring break is the perfect time to debut your warm weather clothing that you’ve been harboring.

This Fashionista is ready to begin her week off from classes in style. With her mint and pink ensemble, she displays the color palette that can be seen in every store right now. Dark colors and heavy fabrics are beginning to come off of the shelves to make room for lighter materials and pastel hues. I will admit it— the first time I walked into the store I was not too happy to find this Easter egg color combination. I missed my black. Since then, I have gotten over my separation anxiety and had a change of heart. Spring is the perfect season to lighten up our wardrobe.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s ensemble is her patterned shorts. How could you not have fun in a pair of high-waisted ice cream print shorts? Bold patterns show off one’s personality and are a great alternative to the standard pair of jean shorts that many people will be seen wearing. Easy and comfortable to move around in, shorts are an essential item to any spring break packing list.

She pairs her bottoms with a simple cotton shirt and studded nude flats. Sometimes it is easy to go overboard with prints but these items perfectly complement the pattern without adding chaos to the outfit.

One Simple Change: Her nude flats are great for a casual day. Replace them with a pair of wedges and add a chucky necklace to transform this outfit into something that can be worn to dinner or a night out.


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