WHAT TO WEAR: Sporting Event

What to Wear

At Virginia Tech being a football fan is a huge part of being a true Hokie, even if our season is not going very well. In order to get everyone pumped for the fall semester, the school hosts a spring game where our football team scrimmages against themselves. It is the perfect treat right before finals week starts, and all of the students look forward to it.  Many incoming freshman also decide to attend the spring game to get a little preview of what the coming semester will bring. Any sporting event it is the perfect opportunity to break out your school colors.

For Tech this means mass amounts of maroon and orange. However if that is not your style, take a more subtle approach like this Fashionisto. Students sell color effect T-shirts like “white effect,” “orange effect” and “maroon effect.” I love this idea because then when you look around the stadium and everyone is in the same color jumping and screaming there is no other feeling like it. While this is a casual event, I like that this Fashionisto still went with a nice pair of khaki shorts. It looks nice without having to put a ton of effort in.

Since this will be an all day event starting with the tailgate, a pair of sneakers is the best choice. I have witnessed way to many broken flip-flop straps ten minutes in, including my own. This is one time when I like to live by the phrase “it is better to be safe than sorry.”

It’s guaranteed that many pictures will be taken at any sporting event so it is a perfect chance to show your school spirit and look good doing it.

One Simple Change: If a Fashionista is looking to put her own spin on this look for Welcome Week, I would keep the shirt but add a a cute pair of high-waisted shorts with bold sandals.


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