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Have you ever found the mood going into shopping often reflects how shopping goes? It may be one of those things about the law of attraction. In short terms, the law of attraction is that “like attracts like.” Many believe that when you think about things, you project them to happen. Some believe this law and about the same amount don’t. I am one of the believers, especially from a fashion standpoint.

I really enjoy shopping at thrift stores. Call me crazy, but I believe if I feel I’m wearing a look I really enjoy I am more likely to find something that is right for me. Fashion experts have created many theories around shopping, the science behind impulse buying, the way the merchandise should be laid out and even the scent and lighting of the store. No fashion experts have claimed that shopping in a outfit you love makes you more inclined or likely to buy a new piece you love, but this Fashionista is doing just that. I think it is about comfort ability, confidence and the mood your clothes give you. I don’t know about you all, but I put on my faux fur H&M collar and my velvet leggings and it feels like it’s the best day of the year. I believe this emotion comes from a combination of feeling comfortable and confident in my expression in fashion. It is a pretty wild theory, but I back it one hundred percent.

I could run to the hilltops and sing about my love for leggings forever. I’ll leave my statement on leggings short and sweet with three C’s. Leggings are comfy, chic and creative. These days we have so many compelling prints and designs in leggings, even interesting textiles are being incorporated. This Fashionista found these awesome gold and black printed leggings shopping on her vacation in L.A. I was riding my bike rushing to class and literally had to turn around and chase the Fahsionista down. Leggings can transform a look to a new level, especially when you experiment with different eccentric prints. Find leggings look that are as free and wild as this Fashionista’s on Milanoo.com.

The Fashionista this week does a great job of creating a casual chic look while working with a wild printed legging. She does this by using basics. A jean jacket, along with black sweater, scarf, boots and earrings are super chic and complement the eccentric print beautifully. I also want to point out that her accessories and other aspects of the look showcase the awesome leggings.

One Simple Change: Choosing to not pair these leggings with pieces that are basic and one color dramatically changes the look. If you were to pair this look with an oversized quirky graphic tee, such as this Crowned Cat Graphic Tee, you’re now ready for a concert, or for cat royalty.


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