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Some say that women dress more with the intentions of impressing other women rather than any men they may be interested in or dating. I have to agree with this statement because the boyfriend in my life doesn’t care one bit about fashion. So that leads me to the conclusion that it is no secret that when you’re out shopping, not only are you looking at the clothing on racks, but you are paying a lot of attention to other shoppers as well (and vice versa). You want to look nice (and have other shoppers think, “Wow, she looks great!”), but you will probably be trying things on so you must keep this in mind when dressing in fussy outfits.

Today’s Fashionista certainly looked well put together and she was not wearing anything too difficult to change in and out of, which is the goal. She paired a crop top with knit floral shorts and a cardigan because it was a bit chilly out (summer, where are you?). She wore shoes that were comfy for walking around the city that surrounds Temple University and kept her jewelry minimal—just a little something to add a pop of color to her outfit.

This Fashionista was sporting loose fitting black floral shorts that had lots of color in them, making them perfect for this season. Urban Outfitters has a similar pair in stock right now. Her white crop top was a textured lace one, which I loved because it stood out and added a little something to the outfit’s overall look. I always mix fabrics and textures whenever I can, and definitely notice when other Fashionistas do so as well. The simple black cardigan added warmth, but didn’t look too bulky. This Fashionista made a good choice by selecting black TOMS shoes to wear on her day out because they match with everything and are super comfy and charitable. The blue statement necklace she wore matches absolutely perfectly with the blue in her shorts and really pulls the outfit together. Statement necklaces are great because you can add a lot to an ensemble with just one piece.

This Fashionista looked great for a day of shopping. She successfully managed to look cute, while not having too many layers or tight articles of clothing to climb in and out of in the dressing rooms.

One Simple Change: Loose fitting and high-waisted shorts are versatile because they can be worn very casually or dressed up. This Fashionista’s outfit could be dressed up and made very appropriate for a presentation with just the swap of the top half. Trade the cardigan for a blazer, and the crop top for a longer shirt that can be tucked in. Add a watch to the outfit and you’ll look very professional but still stylish.


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