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With January over, February, the month of love, is now here. I am excited to show you all the looks I love this month that I’m sure you will love too. This Fashionista starts the month off strongly, as she confidently breaks a traditional fashion rule while creating a look that I hope you all will recreate.

From records dating back to the early 1920s, white was only supposed to be worn during the summer months. The tradition of wearing white only in the summer was a way of staying cool in the hot sun, as people commonly wore their formal attire everyday. Fashion usually always trumps comfort. However, this is not the case. Very rarely do we see in fashion rules that were originated for function and comfort. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end eventually. After three months of permission, when September came back around, so did Labor Day. Labor Day came with the start of a new season, a new color wheel and slowly became the last day for people to wear white.

Rules always come with exceptions. We see this idea everyday. For example, in the English language when something is to be made plural, the rule is to add either an -es or -s to the end of the word. This rule works great for words such as elephants, cookies, books and octopuses— but oh wait, an exception needs to be made. To make the word octopus plural, the “-us” is replaced with just an “-i,” making it octopi. The same is true for fashion. An exception always exists for fashion rules, and if it doesn’t, well, Fashionistas/os are then forced to make for themselves an exception to the rule.

A famous designer who always seemed to break the rules, while creating an unforgettable legacy for herself, was Coco Chanel. Chanel was caught wearing white throughout all four seasons, as it was a staple in her wardrobe. This Fashionista follows in the footsteps of the fashion icon and proudly wears her white summer dress in the middle of January.

While most places around the country aren’t wearing white, mainly because they are seeing plenty of white through the blankets of snow that have been falling, this Fashionista embraces the southern California sunshine. She pairs her summer dress with a distressed jean vest and completes her outfit with a pair of flat booties to add a personal touch. With a large tote at hand this Fashionista is ready to walk up and down the streets of old town Pasadena for a beautiful– yet successful– shopping day.

One Simple Change: This Fashionista can easily transform her outfit from outdoor shopping to Sunday brunch by exchanging the booties for a pair of Nordstrom wedges.


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