WHAT TO WEAR: School Banquet

What to Wear

As the semester comes to a close our schedules seem to be more active than ever. One of the many activities that falls at the end of semester are school banquets or dinners to celebrate the semester’s accomplishments. These events are a great place to dress up a bit and have fun after a long semester. And while many of us feel burned out by all our work, these events are a great opportunity to talk to professors and create potential connections.

One of my favorite cold weather trends is the sweater dress. Comfortable, cute and easy to wear, it is the perfect piece of clothing for dressier events in colder weather. Not to mention it provides a professional look without having to age yourself. This Fashionista shows us the perfect way to pull off this classy look. When wearing a piece of clothing such as a sweater dress, it’s good to stick with a bold yet simple pattern. The dress should be able to stand out on its own without the need of a jacket or too many accessories. Additionally, this Fashionista keeps her outfit appropriate for school by choosing a tall boot with a low heel. The fit of her dress is also perfect to flatter her figure without being too tight. The fit of a piece of clothing such as this one is equally important as its color. A sweater dress is also a great choice for an end of semester outfit because it does all the work on its own. As this Fashionista proves, with just simple makeup and a relaxed hairstyle this look is complete.

One Simple Change: By adding tights and a bold necklace this outfit would be perfect for the holidays.


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