WHAT TO WEAR: School Banquet

What to Wear

After months of complaining about the snow, rain, ice and just generally gross weather, it is finally hot here at WIU. Now we get to complain about how it’s too hot, too sunny and the lack of air conditioning. Or maybe that’s just me being hard to please. Regardless, through all this hot weather we are expected to crank out last minute papers and presentations while acing finals. Good thing we are all awesome college students who can meet a deadline like it’s nothing, right?

Switching tracks from dressing for cold weather to hot is no easy feat, especially when you have to dress up for a ceremony. It can be done though! As this Fashionista and Fashionisto show, school banquets and events are no biggie. For the ladies, a skater dress is a summer must. One with ruffles and wider strap, as you can see on our Fashionista, makes it a bit more professional and school-appropriate. Adding a skinny belt or choosing a dress that hugs your natural waist accentuates all the right things. A dress with a fresh pattern is a must-have. Accessorize with a few simple things and one statement piece, as she does with her earrings. Finally, some summer-inspired wedges bring the whole thing together.

Some guys have a hard time finding a balance between too dressy and too casual for fancier school events. Not our Fashionisto, though. He chose to go with his best pair of dress pants and a single color button-down. By keeping it one color, the simplicity looks a bit more casual. With his tie and vest, he pulls the whole look together. Nix the suit jacket to continue with the business-casual look. Finishing off the look, a pair of dress shoes will do. If you want a more casual shoe option, our Fashionisto wears a clean and simple pair of boat shoes.

One Simple Change: If this fashion forward pair wanted to go out to the bars or to a nice dinner, their outfits could easily be taken from day to night. For the Fashionisto, simply remove the tie, unbutton the vest and unbutton the shirt a couple notches. This gives a cool disheveled look. And for our Fashionista, swapping out the shoes for a dark pair of vampy heels and a darker belt makes it more appropriate for a nighttime setting.


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