WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

When most people think of spring they think of the sun shining, flowers blooming and many different colors finally appearing in the landscape around them. But, what is often forgotten is the dreaded spring storms that have to happen for us to get to the nice enjoyable weather and pretty colors. As most Ohioans know, the weather is simply unpredictable these days, so these storms can either be snow or rain. But, when they are rain it not only puts a damper on your day it may make you dress a little more relaxed or, well, lazy.

Rain is equal to lazy in almost everybody’s book, whether someone wants to admit it or not. The gray, clouded skies do demolish any type of motivation. I found a Fashionista that is wearing the typical thing that any female college student would be found wearing on a rainy day. Something easy to get around in and just comfortable enough to wear once they get home to watch Netflix in their dorms.

This Fashionista has on the famous Hunter Boots, which are perfect for the rain. These boots come in different styles and colors. They have some that are short and some that are tall. The boots may need to be tried on, so you can find the exact style that is right for you.

She is also wearing black leggings. The black leggings allow this outfit to look very simple and casual, but I suggest adding some flare to the outfit with colored leggings. Charlotte Russe has many different patterns to choose from. But if you’re wanting to still look simple I suggest some neon aztec printed ones. They are bright, but not too overwhelming. Adding the colored leggings may also add a little pep in your step during the rainy day.

One Simple Change: If you plan on going to work out, this outfit can easily be transferred into the perfect workout attire. Swap the Hunter Boots for some Nike running shoes.


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