WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

Some people like to think rainy days are a myth here in California. But the in the past few weeks, there have definitely been days where it wasn’t your stereotypical California weather. Good thing, too, because we’ve been suffering through a drought for a while. However, it still means we have to deal with rain and raincoats and umbrellas while we walk through our giant Cal Poly campus. Even though we don’t necessarily need big parkas and umbrellas out 24/7, it would be a good idea to know how to beat the weather with style.

If anything, this week’s Fashionista knows how to turn fashion and comfort into a beautifully married animal-print and knitted couple. Now that our quarter is almost over, the midterms, quizzes and projects are getting piled on, so every person here is trying to get as comfortable as possible—even in pajamas! But this Fashionista won’t surrender to that.

Plenty of girls on campus are rocking the knee-high boots, which are both fashionable and functional for weather like this. As for her top, I agree that you can’t help but wear bright and bold colors during rainy days, so her golden-yellow long sleeved shirt was the clear option for today. What I enjoyed about this outfit the most was her decision to complement her top with an adorable berry-colored knit beanie which serves both way to stay warm and hide any frizz that may come along from the rain. And to top it off, her super chic cheetah-print scarf gives her just enough warmth and style for the day.

One Simple Change: Last minute plans to hang out with that special someone? Lose the hat and throw your hair into a chic, messy bun, and trade out the jeans and boots for black leggings and solid-colored adorable flats. They’ll definitely appreciate how adorable you look on such short notice for a Casual Date Night.


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