WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

When it’s pouring, you could throw on the expected rainy day uniform. Your Hunter Boots, parka and umbrella are perfectly sensible options. But, take a tip from this Fashionista and you won’t be affected by the crumby weather. In fact, your whole day will take a turn for the better. She layers a wool sweater over a T-shirt and jeans. She chose brown leather moto boots instead of the tall, rubber style we’re so used to seeing when the ground’s covered in puddles.

But my favorite element of her entire ensemble has to be her crisp white puffer coat. It’s totally light and sleek and makes her appear well put together. Instead of piling on layers of sweats and a hoodie, she looks bright in the face of a dark day. In other words, she’s totally winning. And she doesn’t stop there. The addition of a gorgeous necklace and a couple of rings makes for a few eye-catching accessories. Plus, her luxe Balenciaga bag is a solid accoutrement.

If we could all be a little more fearless when it’s drizzling out, the streets would “open up” the way they did when I spotted this Fashionista. One thing’s for sure—if she’s got a feel-good, rainy day getup down pat, she’ll look pretty striking when the temperatures rise come spring. Until then, let’s take a hint, ignore the forecast and dress the way we want to feel.

One Simple Change: If it was a super cold day, rather than a rainy one, this Fashionista could throw on another layer or two and be equipped for the outdoors. A thin cardigan beneath her gray topper would be a fine addition. A plaid scarf might play up the look of her jacket, lending a touch of prep to her outfit.


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