WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

The bizarre winter weather of Columbus brings the intriguing ups and downs of precipitation. It is no surprise to every student when they wake up and it is raining. There seems to be more rain and bad weather than there are sunny and beautiful days.  So when you wake up for that 8 a.m. class and it is pouring rain, I know it is hard to think about actually doing your hair and putting on some nice clothes. The thought of staying in bed in warm comfy pajamas is usually on everyone’s mind and sadly is just not a reality. So read on and check out how this Fashionista made a rainy day comfy and headed to class despite the weather.

This Fashionista managed to make this rainy day anything but drab. One necessity that she knows to have is a pair of rain boots! On any rainy day, a good Fashionista will make sure to wear her rain boots and still keep her outfit cute and casual for class. She kept her outfit fun and interesting with a cute statement scarf. It adds a nice bit of color on such a dark and gloomy day. Not to mention her comfy burgundy sweater will keep her warm and will keep that color interest in the outfit.  This Fashionista’s easy outfit is the perfect way to dress up on any dreadful weather day.

So when it is rainy on your campus, grab your rain boots and umbrella and head to class! Make sure to keep it cute and classy with jeans or leggings instead of sweats. Try sweaters and blouses with a statement scarf or embellished collar to add some zing and sparkle. Girls on campus wearing drab sweatshirts and sweatpants will be jealous of your rainy day outfit. Just remember, dress warm, wear waterproof rain boots and do not forget to accessorize!

One Simple Change:  On a nice day, change those rain boots in for a pair of flats and you have a great outfit to wear to class when it is nice out.


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