WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

Walking around campus during the winter, you’re bound to spot at least 30 girls wearing the ever so popular (and quite frankly, cliché) long, puffy North Face coat. Nothing against North Face – those coats keep you as warm and cozy as possible on your 15 minute walk to class, but it takes a true Fashionista/o to step outside the box and not look like a clone during the winter.

I love how this Fashionista contrasts patterns with her umbrella and jacket but makes it work by keeping a black and white color scheme. Maroon is personally one of my favorite colors and adds a subtle pop of color to this predominately gray-toned outfit. Even though this Fashionista is wearing three layers, her look doesn’t look too bulky, yet warm enough to be cozy throughout the cold, rainy day. Nothing says rainy day like a knit sweater!

A beanie is the perfect go-to accessory for a rainy day and instantly adds an effortlessly cute touch to any outfit. I’m all about the boho-chic look and beanies are perfect to wear with a big, chunky sweater. One of the things I love most about winter is mixing and matching different colors and prints and the great thing about beanies is that the color doesn’t need to match your outfit at all, and it somehow still works. Not only are they stylish and warm, but they are also perfect for hiding a bad hair day. This Fashionista’s beanie is perfect for a daytime look considering it’s slouchy enough to not ruin your hair by the time you’re done with classes.

The only reason I get excited for rainy days is so I can bust out my rain boots and not worry about ruining my shoes. Since I’m constantly walking all over campus, I’ve learned just how valuable owning a good pair of rain boots is. This Fashionista keeps it simple and chic by wearing black rain boots and black leggings. She’s also wearing black socks that she rolled over her boots. There are tons of different patterns for these socks that can add warmth and style to any outfit.

One Simple Change: Let’s face it—we all want to be comfortable and cozy when we have to walk to class in the rain. On a nicer day, swap this Fashionista’s rain boots for a cute pair of booties that would dress up your outfit.


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