WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

It happens to us all the time—we wake up in the morning and hear the pitter patter of rain outside. Now we have to choose our outfit based on the rain because let’s be honest, there are a lot of factors to consider.

First, we have to consider the temperature. In the summer months, we can get away with just our umbrella to shield us from the drops, but in the colder months, we have to think about staying warm and dry. This Fashionista has on a comfy textured sweater with a trendy toggle vest layered over it to keep herself warm.

Second, it’s important to stay away from certain fabrics and materials. Suede and leather are definitely out of the question as they can get damaged by water.  We often find these materials on our shoes which take the most toll from the rain.  This Fashionista has on some high-cut boots with a rubber sole to help keep her feet warm and dry.

Lastly, when dressing for the rain or cold, it’s very important to maintain functionality without having to sacrifice your style. This Fashionista maintains a trendy and functional look for the dreary weather outside.

One Simple Change: By swapping her high-cut boots for some short booties, adding a multi functional tote and a colorful scarf, this Fashionista would be ready for traveling. She would incorporate comfort into the functional and trendy mix!

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