WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

South Central Texas is known for consistently warm temperatures and so few rainy days that precipitation impermeable clothing is almost nonexistent in closets. However, just as change is inevitable within the fashion industry the Hill Country hasn’t ceased to unleash surprises and continues to astonish students, myself included. This past week cooler days accompanied with rain has inundated our region and it’s beginning to appear to be a wet fall.

Whether or not you feel as if the weather gods are afflicting you, conquering rainy days is no small feat. You may still have to trek up slick stairs but days spent walking around with soaked feet are no longer as today’s piece features an awesome alternative to leather riding or Wellington boots. What commenced as an accessory to rebellion, Doc Martens has evolved into a functional and well-admired shoe. Although optimal for any ensemble, today it’s especially advantageous as dry feet and style coalesce. A band T-shirt that exudes temperament is naturally juxtaposed with a classic navy skirt and brown purse complete the ensemble.

It’s impractical for rainy days to simply resemble sipping warm liquids in comfortable warm beds. As student’s, classes, work and meetings still have to be attended. Dominate the day in an ensemble analogous to today’s Fashionista and unruly weather conditions bear no influence.

One Simple Change: A hat, tights and jacket can seamlessly thrive with this ensemble while adding additional coverage if gusty, showery winds assail upon your body and umbrella.


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