WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

Remember the old song that went “rain, rain go away, come again another day?” Well, I sure do! We might be too old to run around outside and play in puddles, but it’s never too late to make a splash with our wardrobes! I don’t know about you, but walking around campus with a wet nose and damp clothing is always a sure way to ruin my day. Just like you would never go to the beach without your towel and bathing suit, there are a few key essentials you NEED for rainy days.

There’s not a chance that a single drop will be raining on this Fashionista’s parade today! From head to toe, she is covered in weather protecting perfection. When it comes to rain boots, there are limited options for deciding what type of pant to pair with the look. Choosing any type of skinny leg is the way to go, and in this case a pair of plain black leggings is best.

The raincoat this Fashionista chose to sport is so chic! The solid black color is perfect to match with any outfit, and the printed cuffs and interior of the coat give it a little something more, along with added style. This Fashionista decided to pull it all together with a simple white top. Any light color tee would look great, especially one with a graphic or sequence of words.

Waking up early and preparing an outfit for the day can sometimes lead to forgetting a thing or two, but this Fashionista remembered to add some accessories to the look. Her bracelets, rings and watch may be simple, but they are fabulous pieces to wear on a daily basis and can go with any outfit. She was able to really “funk up” the look with a long double-chained necklace, which I have found is a great layering piece.

Before sprinting out the door for her class, this Fashionista remembered the most important accessory to conquer any rainy day: an umbrella! On days like these you don’t need to dress up in your wildest outfit to showcase your style. I live by the saying “less is more,” which I apply to my life and fashion world each day, and it appears that this Fashionista does the same!

One Simple Change: When the sun is out and shining, replace the rubber with a combat boot, ditch the raincoat and just like that you’ve created a great outfit for fall!


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