WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

Disregarding any child prodigies, all current college students can remember the nineties. In fact for most of us, the years leading up to the millennium comprised our childhoods, so it’s no wonder that most of us look back on this era with feelings of longing and nostalgia.

While nowadays we might have better technology and the freedom that comes with adulthood, it’s hard not to miss the days when we had no worries, cares or impending deadlines, especially during the busier weeks of the semester. The nostalgia for the nineties has manifested itself through the revival of grunge. Whether you listen to Nirvana or just wear the band tee, different people have different ways of paying homage to this period of music and fashion history.

This Fashionista successfully throws it back to the nineties through her outfit on this chilly, rainy day. She keeps herself comfortable in a black Joy Division T-shirt, which she layers under a long black cardigan and pairs with skinny jeans. The medium wash of the denim is a smart choice as opposed to choosing dark wash or black jeans, as they lighten up the outfit from all the other dark pieces.

Both her cardigan and jeans are rolled up to reveal the highlights of her outfit. On her wrist she wears a silver digital Casio, a no-frills watch that fits in perfectly with the minimalism and simplicity of her outfit. For footwear she chooses classic black Doc Martens, thus referencing nineties style in a subtle manner that keeps her from looking outdated.

One Simple Change: To change up this outfit for a fun event like a date, switch the jeans for a tartan miniskirt in any color.


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