WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

I don’t know about you, but my mood is quite dependent on the weather. When it’s a beautiful sunny day I feel like I can do anything. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. If I wake up to gray skies and rain, you can be sure my mood will be gloomy too. My bed becomes a fortress of Netflix and snacks and I never want to leave. Though I wish I could sleep these days away, I know I can’t abandon my responsibilities every time it rains. So what can we do to help us get through those days when Mother Nature isn’t being so nice? A great outfit always does the trick, and this Fashionisto has it all figured out.

I spotted this stud speeding through the quad on a rainy day, trying to seek shelter and avoid the puddles. His awesome gray, black and white plaid shorts are what first caught my eye. Not only are they super stylish—they’re also functional. They are made of a material that doesn’t absorb water as easily as cotton shorts would. This way he doesn’t have to worry about embarrassing water stains when he gets up from a water-soaked bench. These shorts are the focus of his outfit, especially since he smartly incorporated the colors from them into the rest of his outfit.

His black hoodie is the next focal point of the ensemble. Black is always a great color to wear in the rain since it tends to hide water spots the best. You can also pop the hood up to keep your head dry in a downpour. This Fashionisto’s jacket can also be used to drown out the sounds of the rain with music! You might wonder how a hoodie could do this, but if you look closely you’ll see tiny earbuds on the ends of the drawstrings. There’s a plug in one of the pockets that you can attach your phone to and play music. Those days of having to remember your headphones are over with this practical piece!

The pop of white from his Lacoste shirt gives a crisp and clean look to this otherwise dark outfit and helps to brighten it up on a dreary day. This Fashionisto finishes off the look with some gray adidas shoes. These tie in perfectly with all the other components of the outfit, and they still look good with a few water splashes on them. One thing’s for sure, like this Fashionisto you’ll definitely shine in an outfit like this—even if the sun refuses to do the same.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit more appropriate for a casual date night, swap the shorts for a pair of dark wash jeans. Jeans are more appropriate for nighttime and can elevate your look to a whole new level. Also, trade in the hoodie for a black leather jacket. This cool-guy combo will have any girl swooning before the appetizers even hit the table.


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