WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

While we are all ready to embrace these warm spring days, we also are all familiar with the phrase, “April showers bring May flowers.” This phrase couldn’t be more true with the recent weather forecast, however just because it may be a dreary day outside doesn’t mean it should affect your personal style. This Fashionista showcases this theme perfectly from her wide smile to her pop of color scarf. She’s certainly ready to positively embrace April showers.

This semester I have noticed a theme on campus that has been repeated quite often and that is the use of neutral outfits. Like this Fashionista portrays, neutral outfits create a nice backdrop to any additional accessories or pops of color. This Fashionista’s use of black creates a modern and sophisticated feel to her outfit. From her rain boots to her raincoat and lastly to her black long sleeve blouse, one can feel the sleek vibe she gives off. However her floral scarf quickly offsets this feeling.

Accessories are the perfect pieces to jump toward when trying to create an extra special outfit. They always bring something different to the table and are eye-catching as well. They have the possibility to either change the feeling of an outfit, like this Fashionista’s scarf, or completely take the outfit in another style direction. For example, you may be wearing a preppy outfit, but when you match it with a pair of leather booties with metal buckles, a style twist is created. Accessories are quite powerful pieces and I love how this Fashionista utilizes her scarf. Her pink hued floral scarf truly opens her outfit up and adds a sense of positivity to the otherwise dreary day.

Scarves aren’t the only accessories that have the power to completely change an outfit’s direction. You can always try a statement necklace, a tucked in blouse and belt combination or a pair of patterned flats. Any choice is a great option and all are definitely eye-catching pieces. Although they are all exciting pieces, just be careful not to overdo it. You can be sure to create the perfect balance of eye-catching accessories by complementing them with neutral colors.

One Simple Change: If the sun decided to show its face today, that doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace this Fashionista’s use of accessories. When heading to class, you can still sport a neutral outfit and balance it with an eye-catching piece. Instead of the raincoat and rain boots combination, try a trench coat and a pair of nude flats. Also instead of utilizing a scarf as your eye-catching piece, try tucking in an oxford blouse and pairing it with a skinny hot pink or patterned belt. The belt will certainly make your outfit fun but not overdone.


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