WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

Here we are, a short week away from April and the temperature has dropped to 28 degrees, and it feels like a high of 14 degrees. What beautiful spring weather we are having here at the University of Rhode Island. Rain, wind and clouds fill the air lately, but the style around campus doesn’t disappear like the sun has.

I caught this Fashionista on the way to class on a dreary rainy day. Although the weather is bringing her down, she doesn’t let that stop her from looking stylish.Her outfit is perfect for a laid back rainy day. She kept it causal with the look of a sweater and leggings, but the details and patterns are everything. She is wearing black leggings, which if you look at her from the front you would think they are just normal everyday leggings. When she turns to the side, you can see the amazing leather detail that runs down the side of each leg. It totally dresses up the casual legging look and adds a chic flare. Paired with these she is wearing a black and cream striped sweater which is not to fitted yet not to oversized. The way the stripes on her sweater are so wide are the perfect look with her leggings. This Fashionista chose adorable black leather Steve Madden riding boots, coordinating greatly with the leather stripe on her pants.

One Simple Change: This outfit can be changed around to be the perfect early class outfit. The mornings tend to be a bit chillier so she can throw on a great black parka to keep her warm, which will go great with the look she went for. She can also throw on cream colored circle scarf if the weather is cold enough. Lastly, if she adds a chic black tote to carry her books she is ready to amaze her eight a.m. with how trendy she looks at such an early time!


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