WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

What to Wear

The short story goes, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” Personally, I would be perfectly content if the rain went away and never made another appearance. Unfortunately, in North Carolina, rain could come at any time because the weather is just as predictable as the outcome to the NCAA basketball tournament. Just like the tournament, changes is weather can cause madness. It can make students not want to get out of bed or simply make them crave hot chocolate and a Netflix marathon. However, when rain comes our way, Fashionistas/os must dress accordingly.

When rain begins to fall, many reach for the same staples each time. They throw on Hunter Boots, zip up a rain jacket and grab an umbrella on their way out the door. All of this is perfectly acceptable on a rainy day, but why not add something to your rainy day uniform?

A key way to switch up your look is to add patterns. This Fashionista does this perfectly with her cheetah print rain boots. She then continues this animal print theme by adding the same patterned belt on to her dark jeans. Dark jeans are perfect for rainy days because often times they do not show the rain drops nearly as much as lighter tones. Although a North Face rain jacket seems to be a staple, this Fashionista chose a white jacket, making it more versatile. Therefore she can play with different accessories such as different patterned rain boots or a brightly colored scarf to bring a little shine to a rainy day.

Some keys to achieving a fun outfit for a rainy day are accessories and shoes. This Fashionista chose a cute gold and white watch and matching earrings to complement her jacket and adds a pop of color with her orange and teal backpack. There is also an extra accessory that only comes into play on a rainy day, and that is an umbrella. Umbrellas are often thought of as simply a shield from the big drops of rain, but they can also add to a person’s overall look. For example with the Fashionista, I would have loved to see her carrying a black or chocolate brown umbrella. Although this seems simple, it would play off the colors in her boots. So always remember, umbrellas can be used strategically for a lot more than keeping you dry.

One Simple Change: Swap the rain boots for a pair of flats or riding boots and exchange the rain coat for a peacoat, and you would be ready for a stroll on the quad or a fun night with the girls.


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