WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

What to Wear

When I see the word “presentation” on a class syllabus, I immediately get nervous and feel my heart sink. Some students love public speaking and can eloquently present their ideas in front of a large group. However, there are other students who are less adept. We are the ones who can turn the simplest concept into the most complicated idea by simply trying to explain it aloud. It’s an incredibly useless talent. However, it’s always helpful to distract from your lack of public speaking skills with a killer outfit.

Today’s Fashionista sports a look that is casual enough to wear to class all day, but still looks put together enough for a presentation. Unless your teacher requires that you wear a business suit for presentations, I would avoid that and go for something more professional-chic. This Fashionista’s zip-up blazer and lace-up heels amp up her outfit and give it a professional touch. She also kept it interesting with a patterned top and army green pants. For accessories, she dons a sweet cameo necklace and classic brown watch.

Clearly, presentation clothes don’t have to be suits or entirely neutral outfits. Whether you’re making a speech in your public speaking class or presenting your end of the year portfolio, dressing for the event should be easy. Just know that heels (as long as they’re comfortable) and a fitted blazer will do the trick. This sweater blazer would look great over a flowy yet casual top. For a more colorful combination, try wearing this orange blazer over this Swingy T-shirt. Keep your pants neutral and add some height with a comfortable pair of heeled booties. Since it’s still on the cold side, wear a simple-but-chic coat as your final layer. For accessories, throw on a simple necklace and a watch so you don’t run over your presentation time (and so you make it to your presentation on time!).

One Simple Change: If you swap out the blazer for an oversized cardigan, you’ve got a laid back outfit for brunch with your friends this weekend.


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