WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

What to Wear

Presentations serve as a vital and inevitable obstacle in our college careers. All eyes are on you and you are determined to make your point across clearly and intelligently. At a college such as FIT, there is only factor just as important as your speech: your appearance.

From the gold medallion to the subtly dressy shoes, this Fashionisto embodies the perfect look for a FIT presentation. The outfit is dressed up but not too cavalier. It is stylish, but not too showy. The addition of three main elements helped to make this Fashionisto’s outfit interesting and stylish.

Firstly is the use of a light jacket as opposed to a traditional blazer. This jacket features symmetrical zippers and serves as a trendy way to top off the look. The gold medallion necklace also gives this outfit an interesting twist. Decorated over a graphic tee, the chain is a perfect accessory to transform a T-shirt look to a well-decorated fashion statement.

From the top to the bottom, the last element that brought together the whole look is the shoewear. The brown suede shoewear created a perfect balance to display a dressed up, yet casual outfit. The cuffed-up pant was the perfect way to present the shoe as the main focus of the look.

One Simple Change: Replace the T-shirt for a crisp, white dress shirt underneath the jacket for a more traditional approach. Tuck the shirt into your pants to display a belt, such as one seen in the photo. Once you master a look like this, the rest lies in the hands of your presentation skills!


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